Hackety Hack- teaches the Ruby programming language

Hackety Hack teaches the Ruby programming language. Ruby is used for all kinds of programs, including desktop applications and websites.

Mod Design 1 - a Minecraft Mod Design class for kids.  Learn to use Java by modifying Minecraft.

Mod Design 1 for Windows and Mac computers, an online, interactive online course by Youth Digital that gives students everything they need to create their own Mods for Minecraft©* from start to finish using the Java™ programming language. For grades

Create iOS, Android and Flash Games with Stencyl

Stencyl's drag-and-drop gameplay designer pays homage to the successful MIT Scratch project, where creating logic is literally a matter of snapping blocks together.

Kodable - iPad game to reach programming concepts and problem solving

Kodable - iPad App Kodable is a free educational iPad game offering a kid-friendly introduction to programming concepts and problem solving. For kids ages 5 and up, and tools for grownups too!

Intro to programming at Khan Academy

For Computer Science Education Week: Anyone can learn to code! Spend an hour on Khan Academy learning to code, with our tutorials in JS, HTML, or SQL.

Code Academy

learn to code, interactively, for free


A collection of online tutorials geared towards teaching computer coding to teachers and students.

Daisy the Dinosaur - learn the basics of computer programming iPad app

Learn the basics of computer programming with Daisy the Dinosaur! This free, fun app has an easy drag and drop interface that kids of all ages can use to

GameSalad - Game Design Education

Game Salad is one of several game creator programs that can be used to design your own game or provide students with a forum for designing a game based on your

Amazon.com: Kids can program - my first computer game (Kids technology) eBook: Avi Salmon: Kindle Store

Kids can program - my first computer game (Kids technology) eBook: Avi Salmon: Kindle Store