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Paging Dr. Flynn...

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  • Kathy Bradshaw
    Kathy Bradshaw

    Yea, I think a 12 step program should be implemented for us. :)

I wonder how long we'll have to wait!

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  • Jacqueline Melendez Quinn
    Jacqueline Melendez Quinn


Fifty Shades fifty-shades

Fifty Shades of Fabulous
  • Amanda Maisel
    Amanda Maisel

    Haha @Jenny Mabie and @ Meghan Brown

  • Melanie Stevens
    Melanie Stevens

    I totally do this...I am thinking the guys from the Vampire Diaries would be Awesome!!!! Just a suggestion.

I've moved on from Edward as well.

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  • Doreen Ghusar
    Doreen Ghusar

    hahahah very cute ♥ it

  • Mae

    See also: women with no self respect or intelligent thoughts, with atrocious taste in reading material.

  • Cheryl Hoskins
    Cheryl Hoskins

    I agree with the above comment.

  • Emma Coleman
    Emma Coleman

    Melissa is my new best friend.

  • Lexilotta Bee
    Lexilotta Bee

    We ♥ Melissa.

Biting your lip.

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  • Alex Lowery
    Alex Lowery

    That awkward moment when you actually don't have a boyfriend, and you're just kinda there lookin' like a fool.

Funny Flirting Ecard: I heard Christian Grey died... It was something about drowning in too pussy.

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  • Jenifer Harrod
    Jenifer Harrod

    Eww lol

Yup...feeling fabulous!

Babe, I am gonna leave you

Christian Grey Ecard

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Fifty Shades of Grey TRAILER

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50 shades of Shutterstock: Slide show: Everyone's favorite light-bondage bestseller illustrated by inexplicable stock photography

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from #FiftyShades @50ShahdesSource

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  • Kelly Prince
    Kelly Prince

    Lol - that's hardly a threat!

  • Ashley Kurtz
    Ashley Kurtz

    I would never want to get up :P hahah!!

Shades of Grey Babies

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Fifty Shades of Grey - E L James

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Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Will you be the Christian Grey to my Anastasia Steele?

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Funny Flirting Ecard: May Christian Grey Be Ever In Your Favor.

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  • Monica Brown
    Monica Brown

    For you dear sister Kimberly Pound

  • Stephanie Greene
    Stephanie Greene

    Love it!

Nanny Application: Christian Grey

Nanny Application: Christian Grey

Funny Confession Ecard: That horrible moment when you realize the entire 50 Shades trilogy could have been narrated by Christian Grey.

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O' Christian, Christian, wherefore art thou Christian Grey? ...really, where are you because I need you NOW!

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  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith

    Yes indeed!!

  • Jacqueline Bjerre
    Jacqueline Bjerre

    wherefore art thou = Why are you? Now where are you..

Fifty Shades of Grey-SNL Skit

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I'm lucky my wife is obsessed with Fifty Shades...

Fifty Shades / Christian Grey Ecards - Ecards of the week

If your not Christian Grey...

Fifty Shades / Christian Grey Ecards - Ecards of the week

I'm sorry you can't be more like Christian Grey also.

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“If our book club picks Fifty Shades of Grey, we’ll be labeled kinky suburban housewives…. I can live with that.”

Shady Ladies

Yup, most definitely need to work out.

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy COMPLETE!: A little lovely
  • Tara Morlett
    Tara Morlett

    Nallely Chavez ;)

Mr. Grey prefers...

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy COMPLETE!: A little lovely
  • Annalise Newton
    Annalise Newton

    There really are men out there that like a curvy girl!

  • Elizabeth Srijaya
    Elizabeth Srijaya

    many skinny 'bitches' like to eat.

  • Whitney Isaacs
    Whitney Isaacs

    My skinny "bitch" cousin can put away more food than my 6'4" 260 husband.

  • Ashley K W
    Ashley K W

    He also hires personal trainers for his girls.

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