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ourbeachbaby: THIS is what the nursery ceiling is going to look like. And I love the book shelves, unfortunately I don’t have quite enough room in the baby’s nursery for this to happen, but what a fabulous idea!

誰にでも、一人でゆっくりとした時間を過ごしたい時がありますよね。そんな時にオススメなのが、高円寺にあるブックカフェ「アール座読書館」。所々に柔らかな陽の光が差し込むフロアに、2人用までの席しかないテーブル、静かな店内には水槽の音だけが響いて……。 誰にも邪魔されず一人の時間を過ごしたくなった時には、優しい静寂の溢れる【アール座読書館】の扉を開いてみてください。

Cafe "R-za Dokusho-kan" - coffee.peace & quiet, like Ghibli world, Koenji, Tokyo


reading corner Eva Montessori approach to providing a dedicated reading area for a toddler. As soon as we setup the book display, our 18 month old found his way, picked a book and sat down to "read" by himself.

Share Tweet Pin Mail Being the big, huge bookworm that I am, I of course think that books make the very best holiday gifts. ...

Anna Bond x Penguin Classics: The Puffin In Bloom Book Collection

York Avenue: Anna Bond x Penguin Classics: The Puffin In Bloom Book Collection// These 4 books are classics & I read each one when I was a child, so that's certainly going back in time for me.

Late 19th-early 20th century children's books in the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

University of Oxford, Bodleian Library, Oxford, England. Late and early century children's books from the Opie Collection of Children's Literature .

old libraries are too cute.

Good stuff here = desk, ladder, bookstand, fireplace and drop lighting. Of course the floor to ceiling cases.


【東京】ブックカフェで丸一日過しちゃおう! 長居できる都内のブックカフェ17選 - おすすめ旅行を探すならトラベルブック(TravelBook)