Upgrade my banana…

Upgrade my banana // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes Omg I almost died. My friend's daughter and I talk on banana phones lol.

What are these?!

Mom thinks she found daughter’s drugs and got a different surprise! So funny!

Yeah Yeah the kid is cute but what happened to the poor blind cave fish?

Who leave a breakfast that big with only a tiny piece of fruit. And why do they make all this food if they're just going to leave it on the table? *So many frustrations*

That's A-Door-Able

That’s A-Door-Able

When Boyfriends do their Girlfriends’ Makeup. I actually find it insanely adorable when a guy does his girlfriends makeup!

this is the saddest little thing i have ever read<< THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY! at least when all my friends forget my birthday I'll know I'm not the only one