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Great reinforcing activity for kids excited about electricity! #science #scienceproject #electricity #STEM

First, I painted the toe kick black to give the illusion of a shadow under a leggy furniture piece. My next step to aid in the furniture illusion was to add legs to the cabinet. Because you hafta’ have legs on a leggy furniture-look vanity, right? One of my favorite catalogs is from Van Dyke’s.

Freezer Friendly Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole -- this recipe is hands down one of our very favorite. It's easy to whip up, it's frugal, and it freezes well!

Fun thing to do for your kids - #Kids, #Parenting

If you are looking for a Quick and Easy Summertime Treat check out the details on How to Make Your Own Snowcones.

How to make your very own Rock Candy at home! Sweet Sugary Science!

Oh my gosh this is awesome!!! The last thing I needed to do was find a site like this now I'll never get anything done:) It's awesome, great ideas to do with my grandkids! I'll be the awesomest memaw in town:):):)

DIY Kitchen makeover on a budget! MsMoozys Open House: Giani Countertop Transformation {Review & How-To} www.gianigranite.com

How You Like Me Now, Grout? | Young House Love (We used this technique in our shower - still looks fantastic 2 years later.)

Awesome Tutorial on how to Transform Your Laminate Counter Tops to a Faux Granite for under $25! Very detailed step by step.

My beautiful, affordable, durable paper bag floors!!! A DIY bathroom floor tutorial... (lil-red-house.blo...) Did this many years ago with 3 coats of poly and no stain. It wore extremely well, not affected by liquid floor cleaners.

Yesterday I showed you guys my new white subway tile backsplash and I promised I would give you a cool tip and trick for how to caulk like a pro. Now I would like to take full credit for this, but my good friend Sarah actually gave me this tip. I at least get the …

22 tips to make your home look more expensive

$50 plus one afternoon = Beautiful Tile Floor. Easy, inexpensive and beautiful! How to Install Groutable Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile.

How to Frame a Mirror – DIY Bathroom Mirror Frames Tutorial for the bathroom remodel

Build an Ecosystem

Tacky glue doll milk American Girl craft idea

mother and son quotes little boys | Viral Inspirational Poem Spreads To Youth Baseball Fields Around The ...

You can make tights for your American Girl Doll out of a sock....so many cool socks out there now...awesome idea!!!

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: How To Make A Doll Lava Lamp

The best NO-SEW American Girl Doll Poodle skirt, also this site has many other great ideas for a Molly 50's themed party!

DO NOT use fabric softener on American Girl Doll Hair! Learn How to fix Curly and straight Doll Hair at Chubbyfortoolong.com