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    The 5 Monkeys
    The 5 Monkeys
    The 5 Monkeys

    The 5 Monkeys

    If Teachers Acted Like Students - YouTube- might be good as a first day of school or a reminder at 2nd semester.

    Feedback geven en ontvangen - YouTube

    Feedback geven en ontvangen - YouTube

    Feedback geven en ontvangen - YouTube

    Different teaching strategies. Strategies will vary depending on the material being taught, the student's interest, and the activity being instructed.

    leiderschapsstijl; - Google zoeken

    Effective teachers do not use the same set of practices for every lesson . . .

    Critical thinking Checklist. Great points to keep in mind when evaluating/ Analyzing scenarios. Also, great tips to teach your kids from the very beginning to cultivate active thinking!

    Several coaching tools; you'll have to scroll down the page to get to the Socratic methods and questioning.

    How to Ask Great Coaching Questions Infographic via @Masterycoach and the School of Coaching Mastery

    De methode waarmee iedereen complexe wiskunde onder de knie krijgt

    Why weren't we taught to multiply this way? I never knew any of the hand multiplication tricks...I had to memorize the times tables!!

    The Psychology of Performance. Interesting.

    Teachers! You don't have to spend hours grading and prepping! These 5 practical tips can help you better manage your time so you can do the things you love!

    You don't need a class set of tablets to integrate tech into your teaching. Check out this list of free apps to change up your routine next year.

    The Creative Language Class - excellent blog filled with practical world language classroom advice, ideas and activites

    On Twitter, I recently shared an excellent article by Justin Tarte called 5 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask Him/Herself. The first reflection question Justin recommends is: Who is doing a majority of the talking in your classroom? It’s the person who is doing the majority of the talking that tends to do the most learning, so what …

    Tips for running effective meetings: Twitter / TheMarketingSoc

    A Revised Theory of Social Participation via "Me-to-We" Design

    In een aantal gemeenten in Midden-Limburg (Helden, Kessel, Meijel en Maasbree) groeide eind jaren ’90 de overtuiging dat het roer om moest.

    MOTIEMARKT < Databank methoden < De Participatiewijzer - Participatiewijzer | burgerparticipatie en overheidsparticipatie

    Starting January 1st, participants in our Choice Based Art Education class will be walking...


    Grow model for coaching

    Critical Thinking - to inspire questions to ask/record for the documentation process.

    How To Coach Through The Stages Of Learning In 3 Simple Steps Infographic

    Coaching Model: The RIVER coaching model By: Raju Bhatnagar Executive Coach, INDIA

    Process tools are essential to meeting facilitation success. Here, we walk through 16 popular process tools to help boost your meeting facilitation efforts…