Scrapbooking armoire.  How cool is that, that sure would be nice to have!

Awesome idea for an old tv armoire that can be turned into Craft Central! And, it can all closed up when not in use.priceless idea : ) Now I just need an old TV armoire

Produce bags made out of t-shirts.

Easy Knit Produce Bag Made From A T-Shirt! With this, a LOQI bag, and an ENVIROSAX bag, too, you'll be ready to tackle any farmer's market this summer!

produce bags from old t shirts! Crafty and so very earth conscious! tutorial included! I'm all over this one.. I have more t shirts than I could ever wear in two life times! I can't take a vacation anywhere without coming back with 3 or 4 more t shirts! I have this "been there done that got the t shirt mentality"! Now I have a use for them!

Great idea if the girls want to make items to sell for profits going as a service project. I think this would make an awesome service project for a group or girl scout troop produce bag out of an old knit T-shirt.

Perler Bead Bottle Storage

Storage Level: Evian

Perler storage with Evian bottles by Badassbeadz (a good way to recycle bottles) GENIUS

Little jars for perler bead storage: About 3in high x 2in across. They hold 4oz. The lids screw on and the jars are clear plastic

Little jars for perler bead storage: About high x across. They hold The lids screw on and the jars are clear plastic.

T-Shirt Plant Hanger // DIY | walk in love.

DIY: T-Shirt Plant Hanger - Tutorial. I've started buying hanging plants for my new porch and was thinking of making some 'macrame' hangers for the pots. I like this updated idea and will certainly give them a try.

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Perler bead storage by DropDaBead

Love this idea. Might be time to reorganize my beads into colors instead of type of beads!

Perler beads storage by EatUpAndWellTellYa

My Setup is Done. All Perler Colors (sans stripes), Plus 18 Artkal Colors to Fill in What Perler Missed.


Use cut off sleeves to make a simple Velcro pouch to store bag in your purse or glove box. Tshirt to Grocery Shopping Bag – Easy Sewing Tutorial + Sewing Knit Fabric Basics

Stackable jars are such a pretty visual! TBM owner Tina likes to put her seed beads in stackable jars in color coordinated groups!

Bead Storage & Bead Organizers are both effective and creative. Handmade Jewelry News looks at various types or beads storage and bead organizers.

time for some interior jungle fever. DeeEyeWhy style: 74998_470188626376924_920797114_n.jpg (349×960)

Make a hanging planter by rope - If we have some strings and we like the garden, do not miss this simple tutorial we bring for you. Here you will find the step by step of how to make a rope hanger for pots with decoration of your garden , you c

Love this tutorial!  Make with plain tee shirts, use bleach pen to decorate, and add ruffles! :)

Making Tee Shirt Bags

DIY: Recycled T-Shirt Tote Bag. I used a husker t-shirt I found & it made a huge bag.maybe a smaller shirt would be better, but def a fun bag!