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    Letters, Words, & Sentences

    Letters, Words, & Sentences

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    Laminate copies. Use dry erase marker to write word on screen, then pretend "type" it (keyboarding practice, too).

    Keyboard - Spelling Activity

    fun way to practice alphabet, sight words, etc.

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    With twins in fourth grade and my son in second grade, I often feel like we are drowning in spelling word practice. My kids hate writing spelling words over and over on lined paper (and I can’t really blame them!) Somehow, dry erase boards make spelling practice a lot more fun. These spelling boards combine […]

    Spelling Practice Printable -

    Free printable visual search alphabet page. Great for visual scanning, figure ground skills, and visual discrimination. Look for the letters of the alphabet in the ocean. When you find one color it in and then cross it off below. Happy hunting! There are 4 more worksheets for FREE as well. Download all these at:

    Free Alphabet Worksheets and Activity Ideas

    Sight Word Interactive Notebooks

    Sight Word Interactive Notebooks

    Preschool Name Folders

    Name Folders

    Sand writing over a light table (in a container to avoid ruining the light table)

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    Turn any can of shaving cream into Magical Spelling Foam with this free label. It adds a spark of fun and novelty to practicing spelling words.

    FREE- Magic Spelling Foam Label

    Feed the Alphabet Monster: Repurpose bottle caps for this alphabet activity!

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    Super easy alphabet activity for kids. Stamp in the blanks.

    Easy Alphabet Activity

    Word Ladder Game - Here are some words that you might use to start the word ladder. Easy game - cat, pet, pig, hot, bug. Getting harder - time, name, line, rose. More challenging - meet, moon, band.

    Fun Games 4 Learning: Word Ladders - Great Literacy Game!

    Alphabet Workout strengthens alphabet recognition, letter formation skills and fitness of your class. My Alphabet Workout song - Upper Case follows the Zaner - Bloser instructions for writing the upper case letters to develop the exercise movements and verbal letter formation directions. Children follow my movements as I form the upper case letters of the alphabet. Play this song every day to help your children get great practice forming the letters.

    Letters of the Alphabet | Capital Letters | Uppercase Letters | Alphabet Workout | Jack Hartmann

    3 things children need to form letters from www.YourTherapySo... 3 Things Children Need For Proper Letter Formation

    Popcorn Writing Center: Great for differentiating assignments. (Poster download in blog post)

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    helping preschoolers learn their names

    Slowly Learning to Read - How Wee Learn

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    Teaching Children about Letters - Fun-A-Day!

    Learn the difference between capitals and lowercase with a silly game - toss the cards in the air and flip them to capital or lowercase!

    An Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Game - In Lieu of Preschool

    Use fast food boxes to make a giant keyboard for the tech lab. | 36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

    36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

    Love this activity!

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    Free Printable Alphabet Soup Activity #preschool #kindergarten

    Magnetic Letter Alphabet Soup Activity | Pre-K Pages

    Place the letters into the mixing bowl and have the students help you stir the alphabet soup. Each student then gets a turn the dip a letter or letters into their soup bowls. After they dip they identify the letters, letter sounds or both

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    Alphabet Tunnel Play & Learning Resources

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    "b" and "d"` letter reversal help: Little a is in little d. Use corrugated paper for kinaesthetic learners to teach that "a" and "d" begin with a bumpy, circular stroke. "B", on the other hand, begins with a smooth, downward stroke.

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    FREE Spelling Homework Ideas

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    Fine Motor Skills Wheels & Volvelle Tutorial- Fine Motor Fridays - LalyMom

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