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We Asked, You Answered: Christmas Eve Traditions — Scary Mommy

Rediscover the Holiday Spirit

Children love the holidays and most count down the days until Christmas or other fun holidays. However, I know several adults who dread the holidays. What changes? At what point does fun turn into stress? Several factors are at fault including increased demands for time and finances. Traveling, grief, poor self-care, and working too much […]

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The Compass for a Fulfilling Life

Most people are aware they have values, but they may not have considered which values are most important to them. When trying to understand what makes us feel satisfied with our lives, we may mistakenly skip over examining our values. This is a problem because when our lives are not in alignment with our values, anxiet

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What's right with you?

What if the secret to healing a wound was to focus on the parts that are not wounded? This may sound ridiculous, but this odd strategy works! A deficit in modern psychology is its emphasis on wounds. For example, the DSM5 is a book used by professionals in the field of psychology to identify groups of symptoms and labe

Astral Travel for beginners. What is astral projection? What are some astral travel techniques? Learn how to Astral Travel in dreams -

10 ways to improve sleep tonight

Have you found yourself having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Sleep is crucial for functioning during the day. Insomnia can make it difficult to be productive at work and home. It can also cause emotional problems. There are several strategies you can use tonight to improve your sleep. 1. Decrease your ca

Stress is a common feeling that everyone experiences at times. Fortunately, there are ways to manage stress through mindfulness and meditation techniques.

Using Mindfulness to Combat Anxiety

Mindfulness is best described as a set of skills that provides a “moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment” (Davis & Hayes, 2011). When people respond to situations without judgment, they are not labeling the experience as good or bad, but they accept their experience with an attitude of curiosity. People practicing Buddhism have been […]