Martha's white garden

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a Virginia Country House

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35 Lovely Pathways for a Well-Organized Home and Garden

Great planting idea for a shady area ~ complete with focal point!

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Maiden Hair Fern & gorgeous!!

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good hair day~

A Chef in the Garden: 05/01/2010 - 06/01/2010

My climbing hydrangea is well established next to the fence, next to the white garden edge. A path and arch that I can train it to climb...would be awesome and would let me better see it (to enjoy the blooms) from the house.

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so beautiful- liking this for entrance to moonlight garden - certainly want one part planted various shades of green, cream and white.

Shabby soul: Sunday garden - Topiary

classical flower box with miniature boxwoods and English ivy spilling down the front

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White flower border by Missouri Botanical Garden, via Flickr

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white ~ FLOWER BORDER ~ I love white in the garden ~ they show up at night in the moon light!

The French Tangerine

Classic Garden ~ Green and white is so pretty. I need tondo a separate "white" garden. Astilbe, bridal wreath spirea, shasta daisies, baby's breath, giant fleeceflower, white yarrow, white Jacobs ladder, white lily..... What else? CB

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Plan for the future when you are old and cannot do gardening (or you are lazy lol or time restricted right now, but like nice exteriors. This is the easiest scenario: Hydrangeas and Hostas..

Prairie Rose's Garden: Weekend News

Moonlight garden in spring.

The Gardens of Petersonville: Moonlight in Spring

Contemporary twist to the classic white garden.

Great ideas for small gardens

A sea of white-blooming showstoppers

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Working white blooms into the garden.

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beautiful white garden area I love colorful flowers too - but this is a lovely peaceful space... ~sigh~ #springintothedream

Gypsy Purple home...... - treasuredkeepsakes: Pinterest

White garden w/ Clematis Paniculata and euphorbia Diamond Frost; Loi Thai, Tone on Tone

Tone on Tone: Our White Border Garden

White Roses and Perennial Garden

Plant a Rose and Perennial Garden

Build a white pergola. There's really nothing like a well-built pergola to offer shade and respite outdoors. If your home is white, consider a matching pergola — a bonus room from which to enjoy the view. Flank it with silver and white plants, framed in a classic boxwood parterre for classical elegance.

20 Ways to Work White Magic in Your Yard

White and green grouping.

All-White Gardens Light Up the Night

Nothing lights up shadowy recesses like pure-white flowers. Fortunately, there are enough choices to make every garden shine all season -- even at night.

Pale Fire: Planting White Flowers - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Climbing white roses.

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Romantic Tarrytown Terrace

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