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Criminal Minds

This is my favorite show !!!!

It's nice to see him smile, he doesn't get to do a lot of that on Criminal Minds.

Another favorite quote from Dr. Spencer Reid

Good advice. You go girls.

I love a good quote collage, especially when there are good quotes in it.

This was so one of my favorite scenes in the show! "I am so blogging about this later."

Sorry, I just can't pass this one up.

Criminal Minds Team This is one of my favorite scenes. I love the way Hotch responds to Strauss' statement that, "you are no longer affective in your post."

JJ Jureau from Criminal Minds. Glad she's back this season.

Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. love her look and she always has the best glasses.

Criminal Minds: Derek Morgan & Emily Prentiss. Adorable together. Get married & make babies already...

Criminal Minds action figures

Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

Spencer Reid! Criminal Minds is like a taco. They add more cheese and I just like it that much more.

Matthew Gray Gubler