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Woah she's my second fave tribute in the first games (after foxface) I know this is just a fan fiction but its still amazing

hunger games

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snow left his children and Coin didn;t approve of Peeta and Katniss so she worked together with Snow to part them.

The Hunger Games- Wow.

The Hunger Games- wow I was thinking Seneca Crane while reading it but then nope it was cinna. That would be awesome though

The Hunger Games.


this is pretty darn accurate. and it will happen. and then the epilogue I will be like YES! I love peeta

Hunger Games book vs. movie...Yet I love both!!

The Hunger Games book vs. I like the movie, but the book is ALWAYS better. This is a definite for The Hunger Games

The last one though

I love this, except Katniss' facial expression as she stares at Rue doesn't make sense. She adored that little girl.

Only Hunger Games nerds will get this.

Only Hunger Games fangirls will get this. Sunset Orange (Peeta's favorite color) Forest Green (Katniss's favorite color) Dandelion ("I need the dandelion in the spring.

Such a cool edit!!!

The 6 Stages Of Reading "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" As Told By Elizabeth Banks