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fun idea for the circus party!

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Glow in the dark ring toss. Glow necklaces + Paper towel roll = night time entertainment


Momma Did It: Light Up the Night

Ring Toss


Cirque du CarnEVIL...2012

Extremity Ring Toss


Bloody Ring Toss

Make a body parts toss game / photo op


The Body Part Toss Game | Halloween Alliance


Throw a Vampire-Themed Halloween Party

Hand out treats in black paper bags made to look like grave markers. Fill the bags with Halloween candy or dark-chocolate chip cookies.


Throw a Halloween Vampire Party

The shake-all-the-ping-pong-balls-out-of-the-kleenex-box-in-a-minute game. This would be HILARIOUS game to watch! I HAVE TO DO IT!!!! HAHAHAHA


cloud8: Super Massive Recap Post

Cupcake Walk Summary: This game is just like the classic cake walk played at carnivals, just a miniature version Ages: From 3 to 10 Recommended Number of Players: Between 6 and 15 Equipment: Cupcakes Cardstock or Construction Paper with numbers 1 through 15 (if you have less than 15 players, only have as many numbers as you need) Slips of paper with as many numbers as you have on the floor CD player and a music CD Set Up: Decorate the cupcakes Tape the numbers to…


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You Can't Say That Summary: A party game where the guests are given a word they cannot say during the whole event Ages: From 14 and up Recommended Number of Players: 5 or more Equipment: One beaded necklace for each player A large safety pin would also work in place of the beaded necklace Set Up: Give each player one beaded necklace to wear How to Play: Choose a word that your guests can not say during the whole party. If you are at a baby shower, the word…


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Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist Summary: Mad Scientist is a Halloween game where the players feel old "body parts" and try to guess what the real contents of the box is. Ages: From 10 to adult Recommended Number of Players: Between 3 and 25 Items Needed for the Body Parts: Brain: Head of cauliflower with mashed tomatoes smeared on top Eyes: Two frozen peeled grapes Heart: A lump of uncooked liver Hair: A handful of corn silk Blood: Ketchup thinned with warm water Hand: A cold plastic glove…


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