Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is if you disagree with someone's lifestyle you must fear or hate them. The second is to love someone means you agree with everything they say or do. That is nonsense. Try to Duck this truth!

Life hacks

Let me know when you find the odd one out in these life hacks

I love you potato

Potatoes are my sunshine. And meat, meat is my sunshine too. And cheese. Cheese is my sunshine. Not because I'm from Wisconsin, cheese is just amazing. It is also my sunshine.

Top Power Words to Use in Your Resume

A strong resume incorporates meaningful, powerful words. To help you create the best resume possible, here's an infographic of 20 resume power words.

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Random Funny Pictures – 50 Pics

that is so funny. "Unlikely lines from a cosmetics commercial. - Do you dream of longer, fuller lashes? Then you should try re-evaluating your priorities.