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NEW AGAIN: BRIAN ENO :: "In this interview, {Eno} focuses on how his music comes about by discussing his complex methodologies, the studio technology of the day, and the formation of the practical creative lifeline Oblique Strategies."

NEW AGAIN: BRIAN ENO :: "In this interview, {Eno} focuses on how his music comes about by discussing his complex methodologies, the studio technology of the day, and the formation of the practical creative lifeline Oblique Strategies.

WHY BRIAN ENO’S MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS IS AN AMBIENT MASTERPIECE :: "… the chief complaint of notoriously irascible Village Voice critic, Robert Christgau, was that it 'fared unevenly against specific backgrounds: sex (neutral to arid), baseball (pleasant, otiose), dinner at my parents’ (conversation piece).'"

There is unassailable evidence of the avant-garde's influence on popular music.

THE TRUE STORY OF THE FAKE ZOMBIES, THE STRANGEST CON IN ROCK HISTORY :: "There were in fact two different bands touring the United States in 1969 calling themselves the Zombies. It was an operation that would be impossible to attempt today, perpetrated in an era when fans didn’t have unlimited access to artists’ whereabouts, or, in some cases, even know what they looked like."

In the Zombies had a huge hit single, despite having broken up two years earlier. To meet the unexpected demand, one promoter did the only sensible thing: hire four kids from Texas to tour America pretending to be a defunct British psych-rock band.

A STREAMING MUSIC ROYALTY PRIMER :: "Let’s see if we can at least make sense of why it’s frequently impossible to determine what an exact streaming royalty rate is …"

Music A Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age Second Edition (Music Pro Guides) by Bobby Owsinski

HOW WE MADE LAURIE ANDERSON'S O SUPERMAN :: "When the song went to No 2 in the UK, my artist friends told me I was selling out, but just months later the term being used was 'crossing over'. I’d gone from an idiot to a visionary."

How we made Laurie Anderson's O Superman su Inspired by America’s botched Iranian hostage rescue … Laurie Anderson.

PETER SERAFINOWICZ INTERVIEWS BRIAN ENO: “HONOUR THY ERROR AS A HIDDEN INTENTION” :: "I think if you start out with a feeling of ‘we’re going to make art and the art is sincere and I don’t want anyone fucking with it’ – that’s hopeless. I really don’t enjoy working in situations like that. I want people to be saying: 'Actually we’re not really sure what we’re going to get out of this, let’s just have some fun.'"

Is Brian Eno the godfather of rap? Peter Serafinowicz finds his hero optimistic for the future thanks to the kids of today

BRIAN ENO ON KANYE WEST, DAVID BOWIE AND HIS IMMERSIVE LP 'THE SHIP' :: "You know all the things that people do to guitar sounds and drum sounds and bass and synthesizers and everything else, they do everything they can to them. They squeeze them, they squash them, they pull them, they stretch them, but the voice is always left so alone because it's supposed to be the honest and sincere part of the recording. I can't bear that"

Brian Eno Announces Titanic-Inspired Solo LP ‘The.: Brian Eno Announces Titanic-Inspired Solo LP ‘The Ship’

BELLA UNION: ‘WE ONLY SIGN ARTISTS THAT WE LIKE AS PEOPLE’ :: "A few years ago I decided I wouldn’t sign anyone I didn’t like as a person. I’ve worked with people over the years where I’ve thought: ‘These people are going to kill me. This manager is going to force me into an early grave.’ We don’t do that anymore. They meet my wife and my cat. We go for coffee and I ask who their manager is, who the agent is, who the lawyer is. If it’s a nice bunch of people, we take the gamble."

Bella Union: 'We only sign artists that we like as people' - [PIAS]

BRIAN ENO: ‘I DON’T GET MUCH OF A THRILL OUT OF SPENDING MONEY’ :: "I’ve always liked technology because I never learned to play a conventional instrument. I started making my own signal generators and so on, and suddenly I had instruments that only I knew how to play."

Brian Eno photographed in front of one of his light installations at his studio in Notting Hill, London

THAILAND'S FORGOTTEN COUNTRY-PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC IS HAVING A GLOBAL RENAISSANCE :: "The 20th century strain of Molam music features trippy riffs, hypnotic patterns, and drawn-out, inventive solos. According to Piyanart 'Pump' Jotikasthira, 'what makes Molam psychedelic is the khaen. It has that surreal sound that people recognize. It's the way it lengthens the notes.'"

Thailand's Forgotten Country-Psychedelic Music Is Having a Global Renaissance

THE SYNTH THAT MADE THE MUSIC: 10 ARTISTS WHOSE SOUND WAS DEFINED BY THE EMS VCS3 :: "This chaos-theory in a box expanded notions of musical possibility largely through it’s irregularities, and had many prominent exponents, finding its way onto a number of key recordings, which is where this list picks up from."

The EMS Synthi A was a portable analog synthesizer made by Electronic Music Studios (EMS) in In EMS put out an ad for the Synthi A which proclaimed “Every nun needs a Synthi”.

AN INTERVIEW WITH IVO WATTS-RUSSELL (4AD, THIS MORTAL COIL) :: "A studio entity that never played live, This Mortal Coil centred around Ivo Watts-Russell, the founder and then owner of the British independent label 4AD, and Watts-Russell’s engineer and co-producer, John Fryer. Watts-Russell, who played keyboards, and Fryer were throughout its eight year history the only permanent members of This Mortal Coil."

Former label owner Ivo Watts-Russell talks to John Clarkson about his atmospheric and influential project, This Mortal Coil;

HARMONIA: THE INVENTION OF AMBIENT MUSIC :: "Harmonia was a sort of supergroup, composed of Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Dieter Moebius, and Michael Rother, a guitarist who had played in Neu! and an early incarnation of Kraftwerk. The trio made two albums: Musik von Harmonia, in 1974, and Deluxe, in 1975. They played to audiences that were indifferent or hostile. 'Harmonia was completely ignored or hated,' Rother told me, over Skype, recently. 'Ignored would have been the better thing.'"

Alex Abramovich on Harmonia, the obscure nineteen-seventies German supergroup that influenced David Bowie and Brian Eno.