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Fun things to do with Max!

Fun things to do with Max!

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"The Essential Geography of the United States Map" This is recognized as the best map of the united states ever created. It was painstakingly crafted over two years by one artist and cartographer in Oregon, Dave Imus. A cool story about it is here:

Chalktrail for Bikes | Greatest Stuff On Earth

  • Isabelle Ardouin
    Isabelle Ardouin


Mini Rodini :: Green Python Tee

fall. nature table. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

  • han xuejun
    han xuejun


Bark rubbing

  • Kristen (Epic Childhood)
    Kristen (Epic Childhood)

    love this!!

Mitchell Park in Palo Alto at Green Meadow and Middlefield. Excellent playground with sand area and button-operated water spouts. Perfect for a hot day!

5. Use old paper towel rolls to make a marble slide. | 39 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

Stole this idea from another pinterest post....Hung balloons upside down using streamers.... Gave me a great pic of the birthday boy waiting for his party guests!! 1st-birthday-yo-gabba-gabba-style

DIY Kitchenette

26 Of The Best Kids’ Halloween Costumes Ever | Bored Panda

DIY toy soldier Halloween costume - brilliant!

  • Andrew Michael
    Andrew Michael

    Funifi check this out

Mini Darth!

Playroom design - a tour of our playroom remodel (with before and after pictures) from Fun at Home with Kids

  • Katerina Tasouli
    Katerina Tasouli


Wall Mounted Fish Tanks - part of Designing Playspaces series | FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS

  • Twisted Death
    Twisted Death

    Imagine moving and taking them down...

  • Courtney Williams
    Courtney Williams

    That's so cool

  • Sara Foster
    Sara Foster

    That is a piece of crap environment. Those poor fish. it's a myth that bettas do well in small tanks. The truth is by the time their natural habitats shrivel to puddles most die. Give those fish 2-5 gallon tanks with heat and filtration!

  • Danielle Stevens
    Danielle Stevens

    I agree Sara Foster. This is just awful for fish. Please put them in a larger tank. This is abuse.

  • d z
    d z

    I agree. Cool idea but containers are way too small.

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#diy tin can monster feet

  • Kathy Duttweiler
    Kathy Duttweiler

    Like Romper stompers

  • Maria Murta
    Maria Murta

    Quando criança brinquei muito!

  • Nancy Walker-Richburg
    Nancy Walker-Richburg

    I pride myself in having a "first" everyday with my granddaughter but I haven't thought of these in years can't wait for her to come over Monday. Thanks.

  • Susan Ackerman
    Susan Ackerman

    Very Cute

  • Paul Olang
    Paul Olang

    keep it up.

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Dog In A Dog! A great recipe for you and your little ones!

  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith

    how adorable..and yummy

  • HiZb UllAh
    HiZb UllAh


  • Martha Art
    Martha Art

    So so Cute :D Bravo!!!

  • Sr. Maria Battaglia
    Sr. Maria Battaglia

    Great! This work develops powers of concentration. Thank you.

  • alba marina gonzalez paz
    alba marina gonzalez paz

    muy buenos

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The Human Body done in stop motion papercraft. Great work.

  • Eva Maritha Bergman Okoye
    Eva Maritha Bergman Okoye


  • polyod kuntam
    polyod kuntam


  • karuna kannha
    karuna kannha


  • Ladislaus Kish
    Ladislaus Kish

    Poučno,čovijek uvijek nešto nauči?,zar ne?

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Welcome to Justinia- where my son's amusement is thankfully not a function of my drawing ability.

Contraband Toy Ships: Cork Cargo $32.00

Make it rain! by acupofjo #Kids #Spa #Bath

  • horry mohamed
    horry mohamed

    Merci pour votre photo

  • Leonor Fuentes
    Leonor Fuentes

    gorgeous moment!

  • Monica Costa
    Monica Costa

    Tambem tenho crianças e suas idéias são especiais para quem quer ser feliz!

  • Maria Mejia
    Maria Mejia


  • Karthik M.S.
    Karthik M.S.

    wonderful idea

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cute lunch - so simple!

  • angela alexsander
    angela alexsander

    Eu fico com dó de comer coisas com carinha de bichinhos...Acho que os pequenos também.

  • Lisa Lively
    Lisa Lively

    I would like to see a picture of these sandals before I buy

  • Isabel Gan
    Isabel Gan

    ¡comera poco pero será diseñador!

  • Isabel Gan
    Isabel Gan

    Will eat little but will be designer!

  • Enoch Hamisi
    Enoch Hamisi

    the ladies showroom

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Make: Crazy Octopus Costume by #DIY #Kids #Octopus #momincdaily

  • elsa silalahi
    elsa silalahi


  • Isabel Gan
    Isabel Gan

    ¿...menos mal que solo tiene un culito!

  • Anubhuti Tandon
    Anubhuti Tandon

    Love this one...sooo creative..!!

  • Mariza Souza
    Mariza Souza


  • al woon
    al woon


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Another Pinner said: "This kept my 2 year busy for an entire hour and my 4 year old busy for 2 hours! YAY! Drop vinegar tinted with food coloring onto a pan filled with baking soda. Sheer minutes of colorful fizziness!!... Pretty sure we will be doing this tomorrow!! Spring break activities here we come!! Yippee

  • Cristina Souza
    Cristina Souza

    Vou fazer para meu netinho.

  • Teresa Bonga
    Teresa Bonga

    its wonderful, thks

  • Paula Bain
    Paula Bain

    What a great idea! Will be sharing this with a special little man for sure!

  • Teresa Bonga
    Teresa Bonga

    oh yah I love this, great for my nephews and ~ oh yah love it, great for my nephews and grand sons grand sons

  • Jenny Lewenstein
    Jenny Lewenstein

    such fun!

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chinese-new-year-craft-dragon from egg cartons

  • El hada de papel
    El hada de papel

    This is a really nice one!

  • Hilda Ramirez
    Hilda Ramirez

    Muy interesante porque sirve ala vez reciclar y no contaminar más la tierra

  • Emily Schott
    Emily Schott

    I've never heard of this and wondering how you play

cars made from toilet paper rolls & brads.

  • Eva Maritha Bergman Okoye
    Eva Maritha Bergman Okoye

    Really nice cars. I think U and Ur son did a really good work.

  • Paul Olang
    Paul Olang

    Thanks for your comment. That is building the intelligence of the baby.

  • Eva Maritha Bergman Okoye
    Eva Maritha Bergman Okoye

    Hi Paul ! Yes I really think that it is what will happening too.

  • Kristen (Epic Childhood)
    Kristen (Epic Childhood)


  • Paul Olang
    Paul Olang

    Awsome indeed and it builds inteligency of the child

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