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69 Camaro

Sweet car except for the rims. They're great but not on this muscle car that's meant to burn some rubber

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

American Muscle Cars… 1967 Custom Ford Mustang Fastback Pit Viper by Total Performance Inc. This Mustang Pit Viper is one of the most rare and highly desired Mustangs in the World.

Dodge Challenger SRT8

More photos of the Dodge Challenger customized with a ram-air hood wrapped in matte black with matching Barracuda-style side stripes, painted black exterior trim and badges, custom roof spoiler.

'69 Mustang

SEMA Agent 47 announces availability and pricing for Harbinger Mustang

W I D E B O D Y Challenger

We all love our Muscle Cars. Check out your favorite Muscle Car Man Cave Gear…

Dodge Charger SRT - Real American Muscle

I have a thing for muscle cars. Usually the older ones but this 2011 Dodge Challenger. Awesome American Musclecar it's badass