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Anyone can change their door knobs and locks, it may seem intimidating but it's really pretty easy. Step by step instructions. I've done it many times:)

whose turn is it? love this idea that can be adapted for any family and any household chores, etc.


Different Ways to Preserve Herbs from your Garden :)

Yarrow - a lovely perennial weed grown in many herb gardens, for it has a multitude of uses. Cut the flowering tops (use only white-flowering yarrow) and use alcohol (80 proof) to make a strongly-scented tincture. A US Army study showed yarrow tincture to be more effective than DEET at repelling ticks, mosquitoes, and sand flies. Take internally prevent colds and the flu (dose is 10-20 drops). Yarrow oil is antibacterial, pain-relieving, and helpful in healing all types of wounds.

Forgotten Herbs: FERN LEAF TANSY: Tanacetum crispula Wormwood used make absinthe, dried repels insects, aromatic herb w/ bright yellow flowers. (some varieties are invasive/noxious weed) GOLDENSEAL: Hydrastis canadensis grows well in shade. MADDER dried & powdered root of madder used by spinners & weavers, clearest most permanent red dye.

The Fantastic Four - 4 essential wild edible plants that may just save your life

Purple or Red Dead Nettle: Lamium purpureum - a common weed, but also a nourishing and medicinal plant.

In a series of caves near Tibet there lies some strange and mysterious artifacts among the graves of creatures belonging to the humanoid race, the Dropa. Many feel these artifacts tell a tale of aliens crashing in the Himalayas and then dying.

Nippur Map 1400 BCE The oldest known map ever found.

Astrolabe – Magnificent Computer of the Ancients

"the impression of a sandaled shoe crushing a trilobite-it would have been made 300 to 600 million years ago and would be sufficient either to overturn all conventionally accepted ideas of human and geological evolution or to prove that a shoe-wearing biped from another world had once visited the planet." Found in Utah

This is one of the best homeopathic remedies remedies for cats I've ever discovered for cats who are prone to urinary tract infections! Use it regularly to prevent UTI's cause it works! They also offer a buy 2, get 1 free so we can stock up!

You put in a city or zip code and it tells you where the thrift shops are in that area along with ratings.

Frog teapot

There are a number of fossils that just don't make geological or historical sense. A fossil of a human handprint, for example, was found in limestone estimated to be 110 million years old. What appears to be a fossilized human finger found in the Canadian Arctic also dates back 100 to 110 million years ago. And what appears to be the fossil of a human footprint, possibly wearing a sandal, was found near Delta, Utah in a shale deposit estimated to be 300 million to 600 million years old.

In 1938, an archeological expedition in the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains of China made an astonishing discovery in some caves. Buried in the dust of ages were hundreds of stone disks. 9" in diameter, each had a circle cut into the center and was etched with a spiral groove some 10,000 to 12,000 years old. The spiral groove is actually composed of tiny hieroglyphics that tell the incredible story of spaceships from some distant world that crash-landed in the mountains.

Archaeologist have found sophisticated pre-Incan sculptures made in the shapes very similar to that of airplanes, jets, helicopters and space shuttles. These small gold figurines are approximately two inches in length and estimated to date between 500 and 800 BCE.

If Dr Seuss created Star Wars

Uses for witch hazel

Meditation, yoga and recovery, each stand alone as unique and effective means for the experience of happiness. Although each have become leaders of their own worlds, together they create a principle far beyond what could have been conceived of alone.......

The Tibetan quartz crystals have been used to promote contact with the ancient cultures of the East, bringing knowledge concerning healing and spirituality to the user. In addition, healing and meditation have both been enhanced. Wearing the Tibetan crystal has induced total centering of the self and has, when accessed, produced an energy conducive to channeling. The crystal tends to contain a very powerful “OM” vibration, prompting the inventive powers. The body can attune to this resonance ...


Beautiful video that shows the processes of beekeeping

Excellent history resources, worksheets and assessments