ululemon yin-to-you-sweater

My lululemon wardrobe is actually a lot bigger than I thought. Lululemon yin-to-you-sweater and these gorgeous pants.

Comfy loungewear...now THAT'S relaxed! #YankeeCandle #MyRelaxingRituals

Lazy days are the BEST! They deserve super cute lazy outfits! X Lazy Day Outfit: Lazy Day Fashion: Lazy Day Clothes.

Cute Winter Outfits Teenage Girls-18 Hot Winter Fashion Ideas

Cute Winter Outfits Teenage Girls-17 Hot Winter Fashion Ideas

dark grey charcoal sweater, black tights/leggings, light grey wool socks, brown boots, and white knit infinity scarf. Hunting for this wool socks.

Love this gorgeous combo! Black Long Sleeve Lace top with a flirty yet sophisticated burgundy skirt. Cute shoes too! :: Lovely in Lace:: Skirts:: Vintage Fashion:: Retro Closet

Red High Waist Pleated A Line Skirt

Red skirt with lace shirt. The skirt is a bit long for me, but I love the lace shirt paired with red skirt!

Start with your active lifestyle today. With our SKINNY DETOX Pack! #drinkteatox

This is a girl i would so be with. Her lax style and effortless vibe is totally what Im in to.

A Gap scarf as featured on the blog Signe Roo.

Beige / off-white knit scarf, burgundy dress with white polka dots, black tights, tan ankle boots