#LawAndOrder 97.3 The Eagle style!

You don't move..so sweet..

How addicted to Facebook are you?!

If only...

Oh my goodness, does this bring back memories!!!

this is my cat...he's obsessed with spinach, lima beans, edamame...basically any veggie I'm eating!


Plotting the end of your life.

Pinterest FAIL




MASH!! Loved it along with most of the others on this list

So cool! "Frame of Mind"

I definitely do...


As Brad says in "When I Get Where I'm Going" I'm gonna land beside a lion, and run my fingers through his mane.

From The Dog Files

Stephanie makes the easiest cookie ever!

Stephanie Taylor ice skates for the first time

oh so very true!

@Stephanie Taylor at Winterblast 2012

bless our troops

How does Blake really feel about his fellow coach Christina Aquilera?

@Stephanie Taylor