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Curren Caples at the VANS 66 Van Doren Invitational

Pokemon Go Team Valor Red Wallpaper

Pokémon Go Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct Wallpapers

Oh Yeahh    #Skate #Ride #Skateboarding

Redly)) I was doing a handstand on my skate board and rolling down hill when all of the sudden I hear "LOOK OUT!" and tumble off rolling down the hill and land with a humph "owwww" I moan as the same person runs up saying "sorry sorry" in a rushed voice

Amazing Skate Spot! :hip hop instrumentals updated daily =>

Funny pictures about Brick skater. Oh, and cool pics about Brick skater. Also, Brick skater photos.


No matter how you slice it, girls are awesome. There have been girl hockey players, girl Nascar drivers, and believe it or not there are a lot of girls who are awesome at skateboarding. In many ways,


Photo by Dave Lehl Andy Orley flies off his skateboard while skating down the famous Forest Gump road in Monument Valley, UT.