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DIY Loose Braid Hairstyle DIY Loose Braid Hairstyle... did i pin this already? oh well, if i did, im doin' it again! just in case :)


Bandana Waves

No Heat Bandana Waves - 1.Part damp hair the way you want to wear it & separate sections 2.Fold bandana over section & pull hair out to side (higher sections = more volume) 3.Wrap hair around bandana in a figure-eight 4.For an extra bit of curl on ends, wrap it around same side 5.Secure two sides of bandana below hair with a hair tie 6.Repeat steps 2-5 for remaining sections 7.In the morning, undo ties & gently unwrap hair 8.Split each big wave & lightly finger-comb

easy hair
Sophisticated Bun Decorated with a Cute Bow – DIY

Pixelated hair is the new Ombre, and we’re into it