The Perfect Nigerian Fried Rice

The Perfect Nigerian Fried Rice

Nigerian Fried Rice You are probably like really? perfect is a strong word fah? if there is one thing I can cook with both

Fish Yassa Recipe

Fish Yassa

Wait, have you seen / tried my chicken Yassa recipe? If you love tangy deliciousness, you will definitely love yass

#WorldJollofRiceDay - 5 tips for the perfect Jollof rice

5 tips for the perfect Jollof rice

It& finally August the day we have been waiting for. It started as a joke, but I am glad we all came together to make and

Oven Grilled Chicken Suya

Oven Grilled Chicken Suya

Are you ready to make the best chicken suya ever? like are you ready? if you are not, oya go away and come back some other time. just kidding, I kno

Lose It Nigerian | Lose weight on a Nigerian diet

Weight Loss e-book

The ultimate ebook for weight loss on a Nigerian Diet. Over 54 recipes and custom foodtables and meal plans to help you lose weight.


Jollof Spaghetti

Jollof Spaghetti is a common food in my home just like bread and tea.😊 But then i observed that mo.

Suya Spiced Whole Turkey - My Nigerian Thanksgiving

Suya Spiced Whole Turkey

Suya Spiced all Turkey Hello Nation! Happy Turkey day to those celebrating. I decided to participate in thanksgiving festivities this year and I made a who

The 9jafoodie Rice

The 9jafoodie Rice

Foods and Fads at Afro Caribbean Events: A 'new creation' by

Fried slaw crack slaw recipe low carb keto nigerian

Fried Slaw – Low Carb Meal

mehn, guys this recipe will change your lunch game forever! I am not even kidding. it& definitely one for the books. If you are in the healthy food space,

Coconut Fried Bulgur Wheat Recipe

Fried Bulgur Wheat

We raved all about the health benefits of bulgur wheat in this Bulgur jollof recipe we shared a while back. Bulgur is a lower calorie alternative to

Potato and Garden Egg Skillet

Potato and Garden Egg Skillet

I make a habit of not posting two recipes / week, i never want to overwhelm my audience. I decided to make an exception this week because I couldn't

Spicy Seafood (Fisherman) Stew

Spicy Seafood (Fisherman) Stew

This is a simple recipe with huge flavors. I love that it’s not only visually appealing but it’s fresh and healthy. If you have access to fresh seafood, th

5 pepper chicken bites

Delicious 5 Pepper Chicken Recipe - Super Easy Recipe

This is a super crispy baked 5 pepper chicken recipe using 5 different types of pepper. It's perfectly spices and goes well with cold garri.

Oven baked jollof rice - recipe - nigerian - rice - basmatic

Oven Baked Rice

Oven baked jollof rice - recipe - nigerian - rice - basmatic