Keep the lights on after the sun goes down on your 4th of July cookout with these tin can luminaries. Paint a clean, empty tin can red, white, and blue. Carefully punch a fireworks design through the can. Toss a tea candle in the bottom, and you're ready to go!

Add some patriotic flair to your 4th of July cookout with these tin can windsocks. Just take an empty tin can, and cut the bottom off. Paint it blue and add white stars around it. Then tape some red and white streams inside, and add a string handle. Now your ready to party Independence Day style!

Try this "patriotic punch" at your 4th of July Cookout. Just layer cranberry juice, blue sports drink, and lemon-lime soda. Add some ice, and you've got an All-American drink!

Here's an easy way to put some Independence Day flare on your 4th of July dessert. Just dip the tops of some ice cream cones into white chocolate, and then roll them in red, white, and blue sprinkles. Makes a perfect end to your 4th of July cookout!

Save up your pickle jars to make great containers for your bathroom items. Just wash out an empty jar, spraypaint the cap whatever color you'd like, and glue a handle on the top. Great for holding cotton balls, bobby pins, and Q-tips!

Instead of throwing your cereal boxes away, keep them around to make gift bags! Just use a hole punch, and a few pieces of ribbon to make the handle. Now paint it, and decorate it however you like!

Are your pets a little too curious about what's going on in your garden? Try placing some plastic forks in the ground around your plants. It will deter your "curious cat" from munching on your greenery!

If your plants need a boost of calcium, here's a cheap way to make sure they get it. Just save your eggshells and grind them up in a blender. Sprinkle in your garden when you feel like your plants need a dose of nutrition!

When was the last time you had omelets in the wild? Just put two or three eggs into a sealable plastic bag. Add cheese, meats, and any vegetables you desire. Put the baggie in boiling water for about ten minutes, and you've got a great tasting breakfast to fuel up for your daily hike!

Make a large sleeve of aluminum foil and put the fries in. Add some canned chili, and top the whole thing off with some shredded cheese. Seal the aluminum foil tightly and place it on top of your campfire for about ten minutes, checking once or twice during cooking. Once the fries are done and the cheese is melted, you'll have a hearty order of chili cheese fries to go with the rest of your camping fare!

Bring the campground into your kitchen with this S'mores milkshake recipe. In a blender, add vanilla ice cream, some chopped graham crackers, and 4 or 5 marshmallows. Blend them up, and add chocolate to the top. Sit back and enjoy the taste of s'mores, without the mosquitoes!

Why have ice cream when you can break out the blender and make a coffee milkshake? Just add a cup of chilled, strong coffee, 5 or 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream, and a few teaspoons of chocolate syrup. Blend them all together and add some chocolate shavings to finish it off!

Here's a tip from Johnson & Johnson for getting the itch out of your mosquito bites. Just run a metal spoon under hot tap water to warm it up, and then press it on the affected area. Johnson & Johnson says the heat destroys a protein in the mosquito bite, and will ease the itching considerably!

If you know you're headed out to hike or hit the lake, prep some sunburn remedy before you go. Just put dollops of aloe vera into an ice tray and freeze it. When you get back, you'll have a cool and soothing rub to ease your sunburn pain.

We've all seen buffets at receptions, but this one takes the cake... or at least the dessert. Instead of a normal dessert spread, why not include a s'mores bar to add a nice, sweet surprise for your guests?

Now that he's popped the question, brides-to-be can pop a question of their own. Ladies, just use an empty box, some tissue paper, and a ring pop, and you can stage a memorable proposal to ask that special someone if they'll be your bridesmaid.

Here's a way to bring science to your backyard sandbox! Use a pringles can or a bucket and build a volcano shape around it. Fill your core (the can or bucket) about halfway up with sand. Add baking soda to fill the rest nearly full. Throw in some food coloring to add some color to your "lava." Let the kids pour vinegar in to the top of the volcano and let the eruptions begin!

Bring out your child's inner artist with some sidewalk paint. Just fill squirt bottles with a half-and-half mixture of baking soda and corn starch. Fill the bottles the rest of the way with water and some food coloring and mix well. Then, let the kids imaginations run wild on the driveway or sidewalk!

If you don't have a yard to plant in, a simple wall of the patio will do. Hang a sturdy board or plank, and attach Mason Jars to it with pipe clamps. Plant the herbs in the Mason Jar, and you've got a vertical garden that takes up hardly any space at all!

If you're living in an apartment, and don't have a backyard to plant an herb garden, you can still enjoy fresh herbs. Find a sunny countertop in your kitchen. Plant the herbs in cleaned out cans and tins. Label your cans, and keep a pair of scissors handy to snip off the herbs you need while you cook!

Here's another Mother's Day Breakfast idea that the kids can put together, and Dad can handle the baking. Have the kids line a muffin tin with frozen hash browns. Add Bacon pieces, and top it off with an egg. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, or until the egg is done. Another option is to scramble the eggs, add some cheese and mushrooms, and you've got muffin tin omelets!

Here's an easy breakfast-in-bed idea that even the youngest of chefs can get in on. Have the kids layer yogurt, fruits, granola, and nuts in a sundae glass. Put it on a tray, and wake Mom up with a colorful and healthy breakfast!

Who says dessert can't come from the grill? Skewer strawberries and squares of pound cake and throw them on the grill. When the berries and cake have warmed up and have nice sear marks, pull them off. Serve your strawberry shortcake kabobs with a few scoops of ice cream on the side.

Here's something new to try out on your grill! Slice some large jalapenos in half. Fill the halves with cream and cheddar cheeses, a little green onion, and garlic. Get creative if you want, and add finely chopped tomato or crumbled bacon. Throw them on the grill until the skin is roasted and the cheese is bubbly and brown. Serve hot. Bon appetit!

If you're outdoor barbecue goes past dusk, you can count on mosquitos to crash the party. Just break out some limes, and dot them liberally with cloves. The mixture is fragrant... and the mosquitos can't stand it! It's a neat trick, and 100% non-tosic!