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✄Twig & Branch Crafts

I've always made things with twigs and branches. I just cut down a tree and had to trim a lot of dead branches as well, so I wanted to create a board asap so I can gather the right twigs and branches to complete some projects and get started on them. :)
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twig & natural elements words - pottery barn knock-off ********************************************* BalancingTheDream - #twig #natural #letters #word #crafts t√

Balancing the Dream: Bringing the Outdoors In.....Part 1

Twig heart ******************************************** (repin) - #twig #heart #crafts #rustic - ≈√

wreath+twig.jpg (image)

Shadow box "forest" - this would look really cool as a series of stacked boxes too, with the forest continuing - I think I'd have to put a little butterfly in there (maybe tea-stained paper) or a little nest or bird - this one is full of owls ;) ************************************************ (repin) #twigs #branches #trees #bark #forest #shadow #box #wall #art #rustic #owls #owl - ≈√

Shadow Box Ideas

Painted sticks! #heart #twig #crafts ≈√

Puppy Love Preschool: DIY Stick Twig Hanging Heart Art

Vintage Wicker Bird Cage - interesting, I could do a decor piece like this, never thought of making a birdcage with twigs though - would prefer rough twigs to offset birds/flowers as part of #HomeDecor - leave more space between bars to make it decorative, rather than functional - decorate with flowers, butterflies, birds - #Crafts #Twig #Birdhouses

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fallen sticks into stars. #Twig #Star #Ornament #Crafts - pb≈

michelle my belle Homefrom Home

Use Twigs To Make Tiny Chairs for a Fairy Garden or Rustic Dollhouse

twig furniture in doll size. i like the heart on the back. i have some dolls and teddy bears that would set well here, and i also like these (perhaps without the seat or with a dropped seat) as a holder for a potted plant. need to make a few in different sizes while i have so many branches to choose from. pb†

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Paint some branches gold for picks and center pieces

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Twig star - wrapped with grapevine - need a supple wrapping wood (grapevine, jasmine, honeysuckle, etc.) - frame is made from twigs (this is a piece for sale, pinning for inspiration - could make a whole garland of these if small, or a large one could have Christmas lights (I'd use all white) wrapped in the branches - it can be decorated with some greenery, etc. at the top and hung in place of a wreath, if large enough can have tiny ornaments strung all over - #Twig #Star #crafts - pb†å

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Hollowed-out cedar planter - the blogger says it was easy! - I have some large cedar branches too - want to remember to try this - #Branch #Crafts #Planter - pb†å

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Inspiration (this one is metal from Oriental Trading) - I want to make from twigs, haven't decided if I'll do the words in twigs (a pin about making letters from bent twigs on my twig craft board) - may use wire for letters, glue on fake or dried leaves/berries on twigs (or possibly very fine wire - twined as part of design - bow good but shorter tails - #Christmas #Star #TwigCrafts #Crafts - pb†å

“Merry Christmas” Star Sign

Twig Menorah - inspiration for a twiggy branch used as a candleholder ... I want to see a bit more decor detail, but I haven't decided what or how much. love this idea though. :) #TwigCrafts #Crafts #Candles #Menorah - pb†å

Last Minute Holiday DIY

Heart (sticks, hot glue, & spray paint) (I can see this in natural colors, all kinds of shapes, for great rustic cabin decor, maybe incorporating other things - like a bird for a birdhouse shape, etc - can also see it as it is here with a bright red bow or poinsettia blossom or cardinal, or a bit of greenery or holly with berries, for Christmas decoration ~TA)

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Love the branch slice as candle base - need something with interesting heartwood. Manzanita? Cedar? Osage orange?

Sweet Something Designs: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

LOVE the little twig birdhouse, especially the heart-shaped opening and the open work above that makes me think of latticework. Bird and burlap-wrapped vase of yellow flowers, and stone background are all nice with this. But I love the birdhouse. #twig #birdhouse #burlapvase - pb†

Design to Shine: Thrifty Spring Mantel

how to Make Twig Letters - great idea, i have a TON of trimmings from the electric company tree truck visiting, and I want to shape them as needed while they are still supple. (though this link tells you how to soak or steam to bend later) pb† #twig #letters #crafts

[Make] Twig Letters

Someday Crafts: Twig Christmas Tree and Star - the frame sets this off nicely, but i'm wondering how it would look with distressed wood background, perhaps pallet section, painted in contrasting color. might consider some decorations for the tree too, but i think natural things would be best. tiny pinecones, greenery bits, feathers, berries, semi-precious stones, dried flowers .... love the idea. :) (TA: pinning to rustic Christmas as well as twig crafts) - #twig #crafts #Christmas - pb†

Someday Crafts: Twig Christmas Tree and Star

≈ Rustic Timber Log Wall Shelf... I love this look! (home dec rustic + twig/branch crafts) .... just had some cedar trees trimmed, i think the branches would be great for this ... wish they could have waited till closer to Christmas since i think the greenery may be wasted

Rustic Timber Log Wall Shelf

22 Project Ideas for Crafting With Twigs and Branches

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≈Christmas tree sculptures from twigs and sticks - very unique, also great for rustic decor

charm design: Mer inspirasjon fra byens vakreste butikk

natures heart...

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House & Homefrom House & Home

Design News Now: Top Exhibits At Milan Design Week & The Future Of Design

We have made these...they were fun! And I have a newly cut tree with plenty of branches the right size ... i will have a flock of reindeer for Christmas!

Shelley Penner's Christmas Reindeer

Ashbee Design: Wood Slice Flowers • DIY - the screen is what initially caught my eye, although i thought it was a tabletop display thing of some sort. This tutorial is for the wood slice flowers. I'm pretty excited about the whole set of ideas, love them all, from screen, to imagined tabletop display, to flowers. The tutorial for the screen is linked at the top of the page this pin goes to. I'm also thinking something like this well-reinforced would make a nice garden gate. :) So many ideas!

Ashbee Design: Wood Slice Flowers • DIY

† how to make a twig basket

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Wonder Forestfrom Wonder Forest

Make a vase out of sticks! Tutorial time!

†Make a vase out of sticks! Tutorial time! Love how this looks with autumn flowers and foliage, and with twigs tucked into the arrangement. Prettiest one I've seen!

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