More ideas from A.J.

takahashi-mcgil:This is going to be legs of a side table.

A cut out of a buffalo on reclaimed wood with a beautiful wheat field and trees in the distance painted within.

This is a part of my smaller collection measuring at This piece is made of reclaimed wood with a cut out grizzle bear. Inside is painted a beautiful lake and mountains scene with acrylic paint.


Inspired by rustic scenes of a wild character, artist Faith Montgomery of Woodensense creates striking works of wooden art. Featuring breathtaking landscapes framed by creatively stained reclaimed wood, each of Montgomery's pieces exhibits her evident

Paradise Nature Painting / Mountain Art / Original Acrylic Art / Woodworking / Pacific Northwest / Wood / Starry Painting

A beatiful night time painting of the Milky Way shining above Mt.Rainier with a pine tree cutout to bring some perspective. Measures at Ships within 2 business days

A beautiful cut out on reclaimed wood and pallets of a bear with the painting of a crisp and foggy autumn morning with shades of trees fading into the winter. Multiple sizes now available.

A beautiful piece created on reclaimed wood of a bear and within the cutout is a foggy Autumn morning. And to bring it all together, a crisp black frame. Measures at Woodworking and painting all in one.