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Rescue Tail Photo Contest 2013

Check out this year's Rescue Tails Photo Contest entries! The submission period has closed, but you can vote for the finalists at

Rescue Tail Photo Contest 2013

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A few years ago Oliver was almost euthanized when the shelter he was living at no longer had room for him. But luckily a foster Mom saved Oliver and other kitties from the shelter. Oliver's adoptive parents were so grateful for the opportunity to bring him home. Now he is a confident, affectionate cat with a sense of humor and a loud purr!

Huey arrived at Main Line Animal Rescue in Chester Springs, PA when the shelter in Philadelphia called for their help. He was presumed to have been hit by a car and lost his right eye, and when he came to MLAR, they realized he had a badly broken jaw for several weeks as well. After months of recovery, his adoptive Mom took him home and he quickly bounced back. He is his Mom's constant shadow and her life has been changed for the better since adopting him.

Yuri and Jupiter were adopted from Woodstock Animal Sanctuary a few months ago. Shortly thereafter, 3,000 "spent hens" were being rescued from a factory in California and were being flown to different animal sanctuaries for adoption. The people at Woodstock encouraged Yuri and Jupiter's adoptive parents to take as many as they could and three weeks ago 18 beautiful hens joined their rapidly growing family.

Marvin, Swizzle, and Squirt's family have been rescuing animals for over 25 years! Marvin is a 13 year old cat, rescued at age 1 as a stray who hadn’t eaten in days. Swizzle is an 11 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback Cross rescued from a drunk at 5 months of age. She had suffered terrible abuse. And Squirt is a 6 year old Brussels Griffon rescued from neglect at age 3, weighed only 4 lbs. Now, a happy, healthy 8 lbs.

Olivia, better known as 'Ollie' was 3 1/2 years old and a rescue at Animal Haven, NYC—they had taken her from a kill shelter where a couple had dropped her off and the application read, "Can't take care of her anymore." She was extremely frightened, skinny as a rail, and disheveled. This little very lady-like gal is now 13 years old, happy, as you can see, and fond of the good life. Here she is sharing a hammock with her adoptive Mom.

Felicity was adopted, along with her bonded companion Perpetua, from a shelter nearly five years ago. She had a strong personality: curious, skittish, quite reactionary, and always a little skeptical. She also had a strong will and always made her feelings clear with a stomp, a tug, or sometimes even a little growl. She loved to frolic at the park, play in leaves, and would do a little twister-dance whenever she was happy. Sadly Felicity passed away in early October, may she rest in peace.

This is Karl, a very handsome and very lucky Saint Berdaneweiler. His previous owners left him at a high kill shelter in Southern New Mexico because he got too big. Luckily an amazing rescue called Animal Village New Mexico in Alamogordo, NM got hold of him and his adoptive parents drove 9 hours to go pick him up. He is the most amazingly lovable, soft, friendly and perfect dog you can imagine! He now resides and lives the good life with his two poodle brothers in Denver, Colorado.

Sweet Randi spent a long time at the local animal shelter before being fostered and eventually adopted by her rescue Mama. Randi is a daily companion, bringing lots of joy, love, and cuteness into her Mom's life. Her family couldn't be more grateful for their little rescue kitty!

Shai was zigzagging through an intersection, lost and confused. When his adoptive parents opened the car door, he instantly jumped in, shaken and thirsty, but grateful and relieved. Shai is "gift" in Hebrew and he truly has been a blessing to his new family.

What a trio! Meet Sophie, Sadie and Saffie. They were all adopted through Pit Bull Happenings Rescue in Florida. Their Mom and Dad love each one's unique personality. Saffie can be a little skittish, but loves to run. Sadie is very independent and likes things done her way. And Sophie is the love bug. Now they're one big happy family.

Dotty was placed on Craigslist for free after she could no longer produce puppies for the breeder she belonged to. Luckily her rescue Mom saw the article and adopted her right away. Now she lives at home with her Chihuahua siblings and will never be caged or forced to have puppies again.

This is Lucky, one very fortunate little kitten! She was a stray with a bad herpesvirus infected eye. Her Mom rescued her when she was 5 weeks old from a storm drain and she has been melting hearts ever since! A series of ulcers eventually forced Lucky to have her eye removed-- and people donated over $1000 for her surgery thanks to her Facebook page! Ever since then, she has inspired her Mom to volunteer and fund-raise for other deserving animals.

Meet Roxy! She is a 5 year old Shetland Sheepdog adopted from the North Shore Animal League (NSAL) in New York. NSAL is great about raiding puppy mills, providing medical attention to the puppies, and adopting them into loving forever homes. Most likely destined for a puppy shop Roxy was lucky enough to have the shelter intercept so she could be introduced to her special family.

Check out these BFFs! Ruby the lab was rescued from the Fayette Friends of Animals shelter in Uniontown, PA. Kitty Belle was rescued from the Marion County Humane Society in Fairmont, WV. Ruby and Belle are best friends, they sleep together on a big dog bed, groom each other, and play like sisters. Belle and Ruby aren't familiar with the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs."

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