ANTONY Situmeang

ANTONY Situmeang

ANTONY Situmeang
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Witches Gulch, Wisconsin Dells, USA

Witches Gulch, Wisconsin, United States, North America: I've been there! Take the sunset cruise in the Dells and they drop you off to explore the Gulch.

Cape Town, South Africa

And yet another amazing view of Cape Town,South Africa (Cape Town,Sudáfrica).I can't express the extent to which I long to see this again in person one day

Fixed gear bike play -   Photo: Laila Ghambari

My friend Walker took this picture down in Portland during the trick comp. part of the Rose City Fixed Alley Cat. I obviously can’t see myself when doing tricks so it was pretty cool to see this and how stretched out I get.

Fixed Gear Bike

Big Shot Bikes allows you to build your own custom fixie bike or single speed bicycle. Get custom fixed gear bikes, we sell the best fixie!

Fixie skid

PEDAL Consumption is a news and resource hub for the cycling community.

Bianchi in the mountains  do you see what he is doing? fixed gears. no brakes. daaamn.

Riding a brakeless fixie through the mountains without a helmet is maybe on my bucket list. But I suspect it will inevitably be the last item to be checked off.