A Romantic Collector's Bedroom

Charles Matton~ A Romantic Collector's Bedroom. Image via All Arts visual © Charles Matton.

British sculptor Alastair Mackie - spheres made from hundreds of tiny mouse skulls

Taxidermy artist Alastair Mackie uses the repetition of form to create the series of four perfect spheres within thick-set display bell jars. All mouse skulls.

Ball of #Skulls by Alastair Mackie: http://skullappreciationsociety.com/ball-of-skulls-by-alastair-mackie Close up

alastair mackie’s sphere of intricately connected mouse skulls collected from regurgitated barn owl pellets found around his family farm. Love this< have bought the contents of owl pellets before on E Bay, so loving this

Alastair Mackie

Mirroring Supplies and Techniques

Alastair Mackie - Artificial Woodland

Alastair Mackie's Copse