How to teach your child to knit -- so rewarding for both parent & child!!

Teaching Kids to Knit

Girl can knit but this is great! Teach your kids to knit takes two things, fine motor skills and attention span. Add in colorful yarn, bamboo needles, time, and patience and you're ready to learn!

These are SSOOOO CUTE - I think I may have to buy this pattern!!

Another pinner: Lollipop Zebras. **I just bought the pattern to make all 3 animals! :o) can't wait to knit the zebra though. What colors shall I use?

Ravelry: Buga Baby Bunting by Susan B. Anderson.

Buga Baby Bunting pattern by Susan B. Anderson

knitting without color change bumps in ribbing - deceptively simple!

knitting without color change bumps in ribbing - deceptively simple! Just change purl sts to knit sts for the first row of the new color.

I-Cord Bind Off.

I-Cord Bind Off

This tutorial covers an I-Cord Bind Off (or Cast Off). It is also known as Applied I-Cord. You start with the stitches you want to cast off. Begin by casting on three stitches with a cable cast on.

the zig zag rib

Zigzag rib Whit's Knits: Rick Rack Scarf - The Purl Bee - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

knit baby sweater. I need this pattern in crochet.

Hand Knit-Duffel Coat for Baby- The cutest baby sweater ever! If only I could knit.

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