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Pinterest Project- One Pin At A Time

Projects from Pinterest that I have completed and maybe altered to my own liking!

Pinterest Project- One Pin At A Time

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Wintery white themed Pinterest cover boards

Pastel themed Pinterest cover boards (I think this one is my fav)

Fall Themed Pin Boards!

Theme Your Pinterest Boards- Pink!

Theme your pinterest boards! Blue

Pin completed! Photo A Day July Challenge Instagram

A Bubbly Life: Photo A Day July Challenge Instagram

Color dipped chair tutorial

How to Paint a Dining Table & Chairs! Makeover Reveal!

Pinterest- One Pin At A Time Project Update! Clean Microwave in minutes!


wantttt- RECEIVED!

Nested Funnel Trio

Before and after cleaning a dirty microwave. Did this tonight, wiped down microwave instantly- awesome!

Collection of pinks, greys, diff sizes

5 Minute DIY- Color Code Your Keys (baby helper not recommended ;)

Need to do this to seperate my keys! step 1 was to apply good ole Elmers Glue to the key. Step 2 Shake glitter onto key. Let dry for a hour. Repeat steps 1 &2 for the back side of the key One might ask, how do you keep the glitter from coming off the key? SEAL it with nail polish top coat sealer!

DIY-Glitter Identifying Keys: A little lovely

Pinterest projects completed