This would be fun for hand eye coordination.

Camp Mom! 20 Activities to Make Summer Awesome for Everyone

Cut pool noodles in half. Scatter 20 or so balloons on the ground around a laundry basket. Give players 5 mins to move as many balloons as possible into the laundry basket using only the pool noodle.

stomp and catch. Practice hand-eye coordination

Bean Bag Stomp & Catch

Beanbag Stomp & Catch - oooooo, so good for therapy! make with board sandpaper, and PVC pipe - work on visual motor (hand eye) and gross motor coordination.time to dig it out!

Motor Planning with Pool Noodles from

Motor Planning Activity Using Pool Noodles

OT/PT Activity of the Week: Motor Planning Activity Using Pool Noodles - pinned by – Please Visit for all our ped therapy, school & special ed pins

Your Therapy Source - Using Metronome Apps to Teach Gross Motor Skills

Lately, I have been using a free metronome app on the iPhone to help teach gross motor skills. There are several metronome apps so pick .

More Hand-Eye Coordination Activities by "OT Mom Learning Activities".

Tie a beach ball in a bag, and hang it from a tree. Hit it with the paddle (or your bare hands). Helps build arm/shoulder strength which helps with writing