Well, time for bed by chewingfat #Humor

Well, time for bed by chewingfat .This is SO me every night. Me: "I'm going to bed now" BF: "Ok, so you'll be sleeping in about 50 minutes?


funny picture cabo san lucas handicapped extreme sport ramp down stairs


How girls feel without mascara…

Funny pictures about How girls feel without mascara. Oh, and cool pics about How girls feel without mascara. Also, How girls feel without mascara.


Just another surface to vinyl :) OMGosh this is awesome --too funny! Sadly, it might be necessary w/ a house full of boys.

Apple ...

Although I do own a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, I often wonder what causes our society to be so obsessed with Apple products. Generally laptops and phones from Apple will be just as good from other, more reasonably priced brands.

il y a aussi obama-self. don't wanna be obama-self anymore !

Cadeau Empoisonné

Cadeau Empoisonné

Inappropriate? Yes. Did it make me laugh? Absolutely.

Let's see how many funny captions you can come up with here: -this gives cheat codes a new meaning - "you said that you wanted to be more involved with my hobbies." - coming soon for the ladies "the joystick"

Calories definition... LOL

Tea Towel that says, "Calories. tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little tighter every night.

oui voilà la solution à tout mes soucis! Or give it to your mother. She knows what to do

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