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Through his photography, he shows the world what the night sky REALLY looks like.

So, the 40 year-old quit his job to chase his dream of photography.

For Mike, it was the "defining moment when I realized I should be teaching other folks how to capture the features of the night sky."

One of the oldest globular clusters known, with an age of around 12 billion years, Star cluster Messier 15, located some 35 000 light-years away in the constellation of Pegasus.

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100s of galaxies seen through the Hubble Deep Field (HDF), as they were 10 billion years ago.


tornado and lightning in Rome Ga.

The Eye of the Earth The Richat Structure in the Sahara desert of Mauritania

Tornado and Rainbow Over Kansas

Using ESO's Very Large Telescope, an international team of astronomers has discovered a stunning rare case of a triple merger of galaxies. This system, which astronomers have dubbed 'The Bird' - although it also bears resemblance with a cosmic Tinker Bell - is composed of two massive spiral galaxies and a third irregular galaxy.

Nick named "eye of God" nebula. Imagine what the guy thought when he saw this staring back at him thru the telescope!

The Hourglass Nebula 8,000 light years away.

Soap Bubble Nebula! This is one huge bubble... as large as our Solar System.

Doradus Nebula - looks like a Celebration in Space.