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"Star seeds" (Milky Way) Colorful inspiration to add my personal quote onto my body (about the stars in the sky)

A Transcendentalist place to go is a place where you can look at the stars. The trees in this picture represent how people reach for the stars. A peaceful and quiet place like this is definitely a transcendentalist location.

Amazing New X-Ray Image of the Whirlpool Galaxy Shows it is Dotted with Black Holes by Shannon Hall on June 3, 2014 Read more:

astronomicalwonders: “ The Whirlpool Galaxy - Sparkling with X-Rays Nearly a million seconds of observing time with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory has revealed a spiral galaxy similar to the Milky Way glittering with hundreds of X-ray points of.

An Old Explosion Shines BrightCredit: NASA/ESA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/CXC/SAO Almost 2,000 years ago, Chinese astronomers observed light from a star that exploded with amazing force 8,000 light-years away from Earth. The remnants of this supernova are still around today.

All Eyes on Oldest Recorded Supernova This image combines data from four different space telescopes to create a multi-wavelength view of all that remains of the oldest documented example of a supernova, called RCW 86

Astronomy Picture of the Day: 04/08/14 - Cocoon Nebula

The breathtakingly beautiful Cocoon Nebula is located about light years away toward the constellation of Cygnus. Hidden inside the Cocoon is a newly developing open cluster of stars dominated by a massive star in the center of the above.