Pope Francis and the Bird of Peace.

Symbol: Holy Spirit is definitely the symbol of the Holy Orders because Holy Spirit is same as God. Pope Francis is with Holy Spirit in this picture and this absolutely symbolize that the Pope is with God and blessed by God.

@franciscus is on the scene of the #familysummit at @auriesvilleshrine

@franciscus is on the scene of the #familysummit at @auriesvilleshrine

Repost from @franciscus  #fridayofmercy, #sextafeiradamisericordia, #viernesdelamisericordia

Oh how I adore this man 💕

Bishop Scharfenberger talks about the pope's upcoming visit. #PopeinUS #PopeFrancisNYC #PapaenUSA

Bishops, Scharfenberger, Hubbard to see Pope Francis in New York City

Sign painters move their scaffolding into position to continue painting a portrait of Pope Francis on the side of a NYC office building, 28 August The Pope visits the US beginning 22 September.