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PaperFunds is a practical and effective fundraising program that uses products that people actually use and need! They have some great #Fundraising ideas. Find out more here: www.rewarding-fundraising-ideas.com/paperfunds.html

PaperFunds: Fundraising Items that People Actually Want


Fundraising Ideas

101 Ways to Fundraise


199 Fun And Effective Fundraising Events For Nonprofit Organizations

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Has list of restaurants that do fundraisers

Fast Food Restaurant Fundraisers


Don't ask people to "donate." Instead, ask them to "join," "build," etc. Appeal to identity and emotion, not wallets. - @johnhaydon #nonprofit #fundraising

35 Expert Tips for End-of-Year Fundraising


Target golf game. Use for Art Olympics or Review games - holes are worth certain points, can color them primary/secondary/tertiary and make a point value...Easy to make, lots of fun.

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DIY Ring Toss Game « Mom Endeavors

DIY Ring Toss Game


Fundraising Ideas - Grass roots ideas to raise money for your cause. Find more fun fundraising ideas at FundraiserHelp.com

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100 fundraising ideas. I don't usually post list things like this, but most of these are totally brilliant!

List of Fundraising Ideas - 100 Fundraising Ideas


Here are 10 fun fundraising ideas to inspire your next fundraiser! Find more fun ideas for fundraisers at FundraiserHelp.com I Love the couch potato!!!

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101 Fundraising Ideas, including a trivia night. Make your fundraiser EASY with www.triviapacks.com

NYWC 2013 Brochure Now Available


Have a local bank donate a gift certificate and this game is almost free! Click to see how to play!

Carnival Game and Booth Idea - Dice Roll Carninval Game


Saw this idea of making giant pencils out of pringles cans. Took it one step further and turned them into Box Tops collection bins. I will use them for decorations at Back to School night and Class Assignment Day. Then maybe some lucky students will win one of their own!

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pirate hook ringtoss game

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winter-break-ideas marble slides

10 Ways to Beat the Winter Break Blues


We could do this with ducks and have duck races. Water Gun Game

16 Classic Carnival Party Activities | Spoonful


Frisbee Tic Tac Toe Get a shower curtain from Dollar Tree and we use cheap tape to make a Tic Tac Toe grid. Set 6 frisbees out and have the kids stand behind a line and see who had the best aim! Great yard game!

Wrapping Up the School Year! - A Turtle's Life for Me


Pumpkin bowling bottles. Squirt a small amount of paint in the bottom of each water bottle. Put the caps back on all your bottles. Shake each bottle vigorously to spread the paint all through the bottle. Remove cap and pour out any excess paint/water. Keep the cap off and allow your paint bottles to dry. Might take at least overnight.

Mud Pie Studio: Pumpkin Bowling


Love this idea! Great prize gifts for kiddos. Mom/Dad don't have to deal with bringing home a new pet, and kid gets to have fun in the bath. Maybe it'll make em' want to suds up even more to melt the soap and get to the fish quicker? Clean kid=Happy Mom :)

Tutorials, Cap Creations


Check out these 30 awesome Halloween games for kids of all ages! There are so many great DIY Halloween activity ideas!

My Life and Kids


Ping Pong Pumpkin Halloween Game

Halloween Games - Spooky and Fun Halloween Game Ideas!


DIY Carnival Party Games - Mamas Like Me

Mamas Like Me: DIY Carnival Party Games


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balloon toss game.

MAD IN CRAFTS: Homemade Dr. Seuss Party Games