This is for you Ashlee!! You now know how much you saved me! Love ya! Kimmy

I Love you Lauren! You were my brightest star when you were here. Now you are my brightest star in the sky. I tell Olivia, Eric and Addilyn to look up to the sky at night for the brightest star and it is YOU. We miss you honey.

Father's Day idea to make for husband from newborn son??

"Walk With Me, Daddy" poem keepsake. This poem I wish I could I have sent to my daddy but as sad as it is he's not here for me to send it to him but I know he hears me and he knows I wish him a happy Father's Day. Rest in paradise daddy I love you

I'll always miss you, Granny! 6 years and I still think of you everyday.

Wicked Quote - Handprint on My Heart "For Good" Personalized Printable Farewell Graduation Moving Friendship Friend Gift Wall Art Nanny

Easy DIY #Christmas Gift for Dad from // Great Photo gift for Dads!!

Father's Day Gift and FREE Printables

Fathers Day Gift for Dad Gift  Personalized by WordsWorkPrints

Fathers Day Gift for Dad Gift - Personalized Gift for Him for Men - New Dad Gift from son daughter Print 8 x 10

He saved my life, literally,  fought for my country,  listens, hears, & loves me unconditionally always. <3

Fathers day gift: My first love My first Hero always my Dad Canvas Board by nlcorder,

So blessed and thankful for my daddy <3 he is truly my hero being the best single dad and Mr. Mom ever

So blessed and thankful for my papa he is truly my hero being the best single dad and Mr. Mom ever.

True<3 I am so happy Andrey & I get to share her, and her Love FOREVER. She, is just the most precious little gift from God.

I have three daughters and I find as a result I played King Lear almost without rehearsal by Peter Ustinov,

Nothing like the way a dad loves his daughters....I love that.

My dad said something in his speech at my wedding very similar to this. 'All fathers' want their little girl to find their prince, mine has found her king.' My married surname is 'King'!

Father Gift Idea

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I'm a Daddy's girl. This would be a great saying to put on a plaque to give dad for Fathers Day! May have to make a couple, one to give my Daddy from his 3 girls & one to give my husband from his little girl!

Happy Birthday Josephine.  Love from YOUR Gram!

If I Had a Flower for Every time you made me smile and laugh I’d have garden to walk in forever ~ Quote

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