Amalia L_

Amalia L_
Greece / Greek.Writer.I love Eros Ramazzotti,Juventus,The Beatles,R.Sewell,D.Hoffman,Tom Mison,English men/accents.Still looking for Mr.Bingley!Mr.Darcy will do!
Amalia L_
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Dog shoes

Kobi Levi is a shoe designer. One who created a pair of high-heels that make it look like you just stepped in gum. Ooh ooh -- do dog shit next! designer kobi levi specializes in designing unusual footwear that.

An Unique Shape of Creative Thonet Shoes by Pablo Reinoso: An unique brown shoes with curving heels in the back side

Irregular Choice Shoes, Fairytale, Choices, Shoe Tree, Fairy Tail, Fairytail, Adventure, Fairy Tales

Guinness Louboutin Heels: These heels were made out of actual beer cans