He is faithful! Luke (NKJV) 45 Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord.

I really like this quote, but I don't think this would truly take just one day. You'll have to fight for much longer, survive for much longer, persevere for much longer. And the truth is some of us won't get there. The world is too unforgiving for that. However, I do believe that even if we never reach a position where we can stop caring, friends and family will be the comfort you need.

You'll have to fight for much longer, survive for much longer, persevere for much longer than one day. BUT then one day.

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There are two types of pains, one that hurts you and the other that changes you. Choose to let every pain change you even if it hurts you.

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Self and time management is not about having is about making time. We all make time for what matters.

And If someone is important to you, you will make time for them!

If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse - Schedvin

Sitting here thinking about how much I love you & just want you to know that I absolutely adore YOU!! I want my my heart..wrapped around me..kissing me passionately..loving me with all your heart..taking my breath away.....and I am forever yours!!! See...I do love you while u sleep!! I Miss U with every beat of my heart!! I hope U are having sweet dreams of us!! :-*:-*:-****

I love your smile. I love the way you make me feel. I love when you hug me. I love when you kiss me. I love the way you hold me and tell me everything is going to be oksy. I love the way you hold my hand. I love you.

I wish it wasn't true because I will never admit it.. << except your best. friend. but even they dont know everything

This is sad but true. Nobody really knows the real me. My deepest secrets, my darkest thoughts, my wildest dreams. And I am fine with that. I am a complex person and I don't expect people to understand me.