Super Hero.

superhero dachshund in a shopping cart. If I ever owned a dachshund I would name him "Edward Longshanks"

by stephanie ledoux amazing

"Newspaper Girl" - Portraits de voyage - The book of Stephanie Ledoux by Stephanie Ledoux on Etsy★♥★

It's a good problem to have!

Look at your hand

The true mark of creativity. Or just every time you hold a pen if you're a leftie.<---- leftie and proud

29 ways to stay creative

29 Ways to Stay Creative Poster Work in progress. Inspired by this design poster I wanted to create my own as some of the options I felt didn’t apply to me so I changed them to apply.

Merry Christmas!

awww love Christmas photography winter couple xmas cute adorable santa eyes chocolate like perfect Awesome holidays joy lovely happiness puppies amazing december sweet girly dogs pet cuddly memories costumes innocence

Inspiration for your next outdoor summer soirée!

Pin for Later: Festival FOMO? Why You Should Throw a Party Instead For a true festival vibe, a tent surrounded by cozy lounge pillows is necessary. Photo by Our Labor of Love via Green Wedding Shoes

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