Firehouse Deli (Fairfield, CT). If you're ever in town, stop and grab lunch here, it's one of my favorite spots on the East Coast.

Fairfield, CT ( This building is was were my grandparents shop used to be. The Iron Horse)

Captain's Cove Bridgeport, CT, USA

Captain's Cove Bridgeport, CT, USA (aka my favorite place to be in Connecticut during the summer)

Flagpole in Newtown, CT This town will never be the same after yesterday's tragedy. Lets keep them in our prayers as they try to understand why this happened and figure out how to move forward from here. May God's grace and love penetrate their unfathomable grief. Amen

The flag pole is in the middle of the street. Favorite memory taping my drunk friend to it in the middle of the night, called his mom to pick him up at the flag pole.

#ridecolorfully but never hungry. Rawley's Hot Dog Stand, Fairfield, CT.

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Fairfield, CT

Downtown Fairfield is the heart of the town offering casual eateries, fine dining, conveniences and strolling amongst ice cream parlors, bakeries and specialty shops. It is a winning combination of small town appeal with large town amenities.

The Gray Goose in Southport, CT - just off Exit 19

The Gray Goose in Southport, CT. By far one of my favorite go-to restuarants.

Penfield Beach, Fairfield

Penfield Beach, Fairfield, CT - You never do forget home and places around which you grew up - there's just a certain way light falls on the shore along Long Island Sound and the Northeast coast