Coffe and chocolate ring

Chocolate Rings, Chocolate Lovers, Drink Coffee, Coffee Art, Polymer Clay, Drinks, Kawaii, Coffee Artwork, Kawaii Cute

Vintage paris morning ring

Mini Stuff, Breakfast Bites, Vintage Paris, Polymer Clay, Polymers, Accessories, Mini Things

Shabby white dollhouse miniatures

Shabby white dollhouse miniatures

Polymer clay flowers

I have made a polymer clay brooch as a gift.

Coconut ring

Coconut, Polymers, Polymer Clay

Music ring

Music Rings, Polymer Clay, Polymers

Miniature meal ring

Meal, Polymer Clay, Polymers, Miniatures, Food, Miniature, Minis, Meals

Cheescake ring

Pomegranate, Polymers, Polymer Clay, Garnet

Cheescake ring

Polymers, Polymer Clay

Cake ring

Polymers, Polymer Clay

Miniature bird

Polymers, Polymer Clay, Miniatures, Miniature, Minis

Bakery rack

Yummy Cookies, Croissants, Bakery, Scale, Au, Weighing Scale, Crescents, Crescent Roll, Libra