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I love all of them! But Mikey and i are both very clingy, like to dye our hair, love video games and are really loud.

Michael doesn't run he frolics.<<<<<< just for that comment. <3

Michael doesn't run he frolics. << YYYAAAASSS I love Michael Clifford so much he might be on my pillow!<<<I watched this too many times but I have no regrets.

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Which 5 Seconds Of Summer Guy Is Destined To Be Your Boyfriend?>>I Got Calum!>>I got Michael, sad he didn't a dating someone thou, but just m happy for him he seems so happy and she seems so nice

Flat Belly little helpers

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Looks for Harry. Looks at battery percentage. Unplugs phone from charger.

I am so sorry!

I am so sorry! I don't believe that these things work, but I figured, why not? Cuz that's just how weird I am

Luke is so done with his band mates

Luke is so done with his band mates <<<< I felt kinda bad for Luke