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"Life is a Calvary; but we must climb it cheerfully. Crosses are the jewels of the Bridegroom and I am jealous of them. My sufferings are pleasing. I suffer only when I am have nothing to suffer." ~ St. Padre Pio

Praying the Rosary by

Don't worry my child, I am here for you, always. ♥

Mary Magdalene humbly at the feet of Jesus.



Luke 7:47. Praise the Lord for this!

Religious Art, Susan Favourite, Mary Magdalene

Crystalina Evert

The Good Shepherd Homily by Fr. Robert Barron

"The God of the Christians is a God of metamorphosis; you throw your sufferings into His bosom and you draw out peace; you throw in despair and you see hope coming to the surface." ~ St. Padre Pio

Christ the Redeemer

Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland ... close-up on the center stained glass window.... extra-long, tall, vertical pin.

Rosary window. Ireland

St. Patrick's Cathedral - New York City, New York - Chapel of Our Lady – 'Descent of the Holy Spirit'

Stained Glass, Cathedral of Chartres, France

Dom Bosco Cathedral in Brasilia, Brazil

Bangor Cathedral window, the oldest cathedral in the UK circa 525

Jesus has Risen! The Resurrection of Jesus Now after the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to look at the grave.

Jesus, The Good Shepherd in stained glass

Things to Do During Eucharistic Adoration Fr. Benedict Groeschel points out in the book, “In the Presence of Our Lord: The History, Theology and Psychology of Eucharistic Devotion” that there are “four kinds of prayer most appropriate in the presence of the Eucharist, namely adoration and praise, thanksgiving, repentance and trusting intercession.” Accordingly, here are suggestions for wh at to do during private Eucharistic adoration. 1. Pray the Psalms or the Liturgy of the