Realistic Barbie...

Realistic Barbie…

Finally a realistic barbie doll. Haha nutella and realistic clothes and hair. Ok so I put this under life of a teen because we teens sit at home, eating nutella, in drab clothes with our hair just down and plain

By Mariel Clayton

Long Term Relationship Barbie Funny Image from evilmilk. Long Term Relationship Barbie was added to the pictures archive on


Please note the trashy boob tattoo on this Italian Hooker Barbie!

Barbie Gone Bad! Funny Mug Shots: Barbie. Bambi Cadillac Mug Shot by Art-I-Ficial

Barbie Gone Bad! Funny Mug Shots: Barbie. Bambi Cadillac Mug Shot by Art-I-Ficial - reminds me of my mum in the

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"Dolls" is a photography project using the characters from Barbie as serial killer. Photos made by photographer Mariel Clayton.

Room Thirty - Deforestation by Mariel Clayton

What's hidden behind “eternal” Barbie's empty stare and immaculate exterior? Does this seamless exterior hide a dark black heart of a sociopath as in real life? Created by “Bad Barbie” series,

He became a different person entirely. | 21 Photos The Elf On The Shelf Doesn't Want You To See

Photos 'Elf On The Shelf' Doesn't Want You To See. Ahhhh, the innocent, playful Elf On The Shelf. Santa's little "Scout Elves" hide in people's homes to

the photography MARIEL / CLAYTON

Omg when I was younger my grandma would always pick up after my play dates my friend and I would always leave our barbies in situation like these the photography MARIEL / CLAYTON

mid life crisis barbie

Debauched Killer Dolls (UPDATE)

Barbie Trash Gallery

Barbie Trashy de Mariel Clayton

Mariel Clayton Durban/South Africa) is an artist who describes herself as a ‘Doll Photographer with a subversive sense of humour