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This made me laugh!

The Joker’s fridge…

surprised our fridge doesnt look like this.steph has a problem. pickles n the fridge n popsicles n the freezer.

How cowlicks happen!

So that's how it happens

How cowlicks happen! There must be a lot of cows in Kaiden's room at night! That boy wakes up with the worst bed head. Esp his 'cowlick'

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I just died.

Wow, this actually works a little *too* well. But damn it's funny! most of us sang this song if you truly love disney


I'd seriously pick Thor's compliment over That Random Person On The Top. I love Thor!

Invisible cereal

When I get excited, I too eat invisible cereal. I literally laugh out loud every time I see this.

Oh my gosh. I'd be all in on this idea!

Why is this so funny? I don't know but now all I can picture is my army of llamas with awesome hats


I Am Not A Monkey's Cousin by Sarah Koshiol I’m NOT a monkey’s cousin Not a single person is We’re over all the animals No baboon's my relative We did not evolve from creatures Crawling out of slime We were all CREATED .

Funny Pictures – 36 Pics Omg I said this to my mom and she was gullible enough to say it hahahahahahahahah 👌😂😂😂😂😂👌