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Mom Makes Her Son A Hollywood-Worthy Rocket Raccoon Costume

Christina Borchardt, a talented artist who makes costumes for various cosplay events, created an incredibly realistic “Rocket Raccoon” from Guardians of the Galaxy costume for her (now) old son Chase, who absolutely loves raccoons.

Bunny raspberry

Big Bunny has an attitude problem, and will not be attending our party.

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #281 #Marvel #AmazingSpiderMan (Cover Artist: Tom Morgan & Joe Rubinstein)

Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man - Condition is VF+ *The photo(s) featured in this listing are scanned images of the item(s) being offere

Used this to settle decisions in our apartment.

Paper, Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock from the Big Bang Theory. I just might put this on a board. Plz comment and decide which one!

Seven Useful Microsoft Excel Features You May Not Be Using

For many, Excel is the go-to program for charting graphs for labwork results or for data entry and accounting. Its formula-based auto-calculations helps us save time and in many jobs it is a requirement to know how to work Excel before you even get the jo


Now see, while everyone thinks this is so cute and sweet- I have a cat, I know that this cat is actually trying to strangle that toy! Either that or this is the cutest thing ever.