Nishima Kaplan

Nishima Kaplan

Nishima Kaplan-- owner of and Artist, designer, entrepreneur, mother, spiritual seeker, traveler, lover of the outdoors
Nishima Kaplan
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Crocuses watercolor painting with torn paper collage border

x 24 x Brighten your walls with colorful flowers. Crocus, a member of the iris family, blooms in late winter and brings hope for a colorful spring.

I believe inve at first sight,,, because I'm YOUR mom.

Whaddya Say when I tell you "I believe in love at first sight.because I'm a Mom and a MeeMaw. It happens again, you fall in love at first sight when you see your grandchild, I so did, my Sara ♡Love it's Love♡

Letting go may sound so simple, but rarely is it a one-time thing -

Letting go of you. Letting go of the pain. Letting go of the years of emotional abuse. Letting go of never being good enough for you. Letting go of you stopping pursuing me as soon as you had me. Letting go of you taking me for granted.