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What to Name Them by HavFos on deviantART || I can Hanji doing this to piss Levi off… <- yup

MY LUNGS --> Then she starts calling Eren Levi and he just gets so confused xD

Nice response Sasha.

About time you came out the closet. We all know that you loved Marco,shingeki no kyojin,attack on titan,jeanmarco

Attack on Titan, hahaha omg

Lol summoning Levi from SnK I ship him with cleaning supplies so hard!

I feel you, Sasha

Wouldn't we all do that? I mean when It comes to Sasha and Potatoes She ain't giving you half at all! (I always thought in this scene that that does not look like a half at all)

wat<<And on the left you will see what the directors for the SNK/AOT live-action movie have as Armin, and on the right you will see Armin.

XD Yes

to funny ;) - Anime, Levi, Attack on Titan, XD Fab Levi XD *nose bleed* Aww crap.

Mikasa, Eren, Jean, Levi, funny, text; Attack on Titan

Lol XD Short Evil Man is going to kill Horse-Face! Who's side are you on, Short Evil Man or Horse-Face? (I'm dying here)